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studio album by Alice Nine
Format CD+DVD
Release Date 2009.01.14
Recorded in October - December 2008
Genre Hard Rock, Pop Rock
Label KING RECORDS, PS Company
Catalog Number KICS-1416
KICS-91416 (limited edition)
Price ¥3780 (limited edition)
Chart peak #7 (weekly)
#3 (daily)

Vandalize is the third studio album by Alice Nine (アリス九號.). It was released on January 14, 2009. The album contains eleven tracks, compiling the band's three previous singles (MIRROR BALL, RAINBOWS, and CROSS GAME) and eight new songs. The album was released in two versions: a regular edition, and a limited edition of the album, which includes a DVD that features live footage, a promotional music video for "the beautiful name," and a special package design. The album debuted on the Oricon Chart with a #3 daily and a #7 weekly, with total sales of 13,111 recorded.

Track listing Edit

Disc one (CD)Edit

  1. the beautiful name
  2. 百花繚乱
    (Hyakka Ryōran)
  4. Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly

  6. (Subaru)
  7. www.
  8. Drella
  10. イノセンス
  11. Waterfall

Disc two (DVD, limited edition only)Edit

  1. the beautiful name MUSIC CLIP
  2. making of 「the beautiful name」
  3. TSUBASA (2008.8.31 Live at NAKANO SUNPLAZA HALL)

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