AKA ヴァニキル (2015-2016)
D'SKO (2011-2015)
Dancing Screamer Kittenish Orchestra
Spelling ヴァニキル (Vanikill)
ディスコ (D'SKO)
Status indies, hiatus
Origin Tokyo
Years 2016
2011-2016 (hiatus)
Genres Visual rock
Labels S'CUBE
Website New OHP
Old OHP (archived)

VaniKilL are a visual kei band, formed on December 9, 2011. They first went under the name D'SKO, until they changed their name and concept on January 23, 2015, while also adding a new guitarist, Mel (ex-Vice).

After vocalist Sito's departure on October 14, 2015, Vanikill went on hiatus after their live at Shibuya REX on January 24, 2016. Shortly afterwards, they returned with a slightly revamped lineup in March that same year, as guitarist Hisaki took over as vocalist, while new bassist Nazna joined the band.


Former membersEdit



Dsko 2014

As D'sko (2014)

as D'SKOEdit
  • 2011.11.11 極彩地底パラダイス (free distribution)
  • 2012.01.23 トラブルメーカー (free distribution)
  • 2012.01.23 Winners' D'sko Ultimate
  • 2012.09.13 絶望メルト
  • 2012.10.26 ShiningRain
  • 2013.03.08 ディスコサイズ~狂いだした僕の妄想~
  • 2013.11.08 GallowsHumor
  • 2014.01.23 Re:alba
as VanikillEdit
  • 2015.01.23 絶望メルト
  • 2015.10.14 Last Message...

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