Vanish logo
Spelling ヴァニッシュ
Status indies, hiatus
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Years 2009 - 2014
Genres Rock
Website OHP

Vanish (ヴァニッシュ) is a Visual Kei band, formed in 2009. They are currently on hiatus as of January 2014.


In late 2013, Vanish announced that they would take an activity pause in January in respects to their guitarist, Sayo. According to Sayo's blog post, he was diagnosed with focal dystonia, which caused the abnormalities of his left pinky and ring fingers, making it difficult for him to continue activities with the band without having his other fingers being overworked. Vanish all agreed to let him recover, but refused to continue activities without him. The band then went into a temporary hiatus on their promised date, January 26, 2014 after numerous tours.


Former membersEdit




  • 2010.04.24 Prunus (L)
  • 2010.11.17 「R」
  • 2011.01.19 Yureru kanrakugai
  • 2012.06.17 Glad Eye
  • 2013.03.03 Anti-Jealousy
  • 2013.06.29 Fact
  • 2013.07.30 Dahlia
  • 2013.11.09 the end of grief


  • 2011.08.23 Fanny Fast Honey

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