Vior gloire
Vior gloire
Spelling ヴィオルグロア
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Kansai
Years 2011.05.11 - 2013.07.11
Genres Visual rock
Related GRIST
Website OHP

Vior gloire was a visual kei band under UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. They formed on May 21st, 2011. The band disbanded after their free one-man live on July 11th.


Departure of both guitarists and drummer; disbandment Edit

On March 18 2013, Vior Gloire announced that their guitarists, Kei and Serra, and drummer Aru would be leaving the band on June 9, 2013 after their two-day, one man live, XOR vior-Evolve-, at Osaka LIVE HOUSE D’. Kei would be retiring from the music industry, while Aru left because of 'different opinions on the band's future', and is unsure if he will join a new band, or retire from the music industry as well. However, he went on to join the short-lived band, the:Ø.

As there were only two members remaining in the band, Vior gloire disbanded after their free oneman live at Ash OSAKA on July 11, 2013. Vocalist shall went on to become the new vocalist of FUTURISM・BOYZ in 2014, while bassist RENA went on to join Jin (ex-Nega)'s new band, THE BLACK SWAN.


Former members Edit

  • Kei - Guitar (2011.05.11 - 2013.06.09)
    brodiaea → Vior gloire → (retired?)
  • serra - Guitar (2011.05.11 - 2013.06.09)
    LOVELESSGRIST → Vior gloire
  • アル (aru) - Drums (2011.05.11 - 2013.06.09)
    LAGING → Vior gloire → the:Ø




  • 2011.08.17 - インスパイア (Inspire)

External LinksEdit

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