Witch on flames
VELVET EDEN (ベルベットエデン -Berubetto Eden-) - Witch on flames (Single) (2011)
single by VELVET EDEN
Format CD
Release Date 2011.03.26
Recorded in 2010
Length 15 minutes
Genre darkwave
Label PantherPink Records
Catalog Number CPP-38001-2
Price ¥2,100

Track listingEdit

  1. Pandora - 1:16
    composed by Aci / lyrics by DADA
  2. Witch on flames - 2:52
    composed by Aci / lyrics by DADA
  3. 月蜘蛛Nocturne [Tsukikumo Nocturne] - 3:51
    composed by Aci / lyrics by DADA
  4. Tragic puppet show - 4:28
    composed by Aci / lyrics by DADA
  • Includes a DVD with the 月蜘蛛Nocturne [Tsukikumo Nocturne] (PV)

Line upEdit

  • Vocals: DADA
  • Violin & Composer: Aci
  • Dancer: Lilly
  • Support Chorus: Chizuru

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