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Status inactive, indies
Origin Japan
Years February-September 2013 (?)
Labels unsigned
Related DearVicious
Website OHP (defunct)
Xrista were a short-lived visual kei band formed in February 2013, founded by ex-OROCHI guitarist Yukimura (who now goes by the name Lyo). Their first live was held on February 22nd at Ruido K3, and they are presumed to have disbanded around September that same year.

Departure of HyugaEdit

Hyuga, the original vocalist of Xrista, was fired on March 5, 2013 after he missed studio recordings, stole money from band members, and missed their live on March 3rd. Drummer Kiyo was notified that an accident had happened with Hyuga, resulting in him missing the live, but it was later discovered that this "accident" never occurred.

This wasn't the first incident where Hyuga, also known as Haku, had been fired from a band. He was previously fired in October 2012 from the band VizeL for stealing money.

Guest vocalist Rima (ex-ALIST GRACE) was invited to perform with the band at their live on June 2, 2013. As guitarist Lyo went on to provide support guitar for Synk;yet on June 4 - which he later joined in November - and guitarist Re departed later in September, the band is presumed to have disbanded.


Former MembersEdit

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